Safety First... Safety Always

When it comes to safety, people fall into one of two camps.

For some, safety measures are a necessary inconvenience. For others, encouraging and supporting safety is among their highest priorities. They see protecting the lives and property of employees, customers and bystanders as a moral obligation.

This issue of the PEI Journal will show that PEI stands squarely with those in the second camp. We've brought together eight experts whose analysis, perspectives and actions typify the highest safety standards.

The PEI Journal is published quarterly and sent to each PEI member company, listed branches and O&E members as part of their member benefits. Each issue offers insightful articles to help your business grow, discover new industry trends and increase efficiencies.

What's ahead for the petroleum and energy handling industry? From emerging fuels to new regulations, the PEI Journal offers perspective on coming industry trends.

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